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Video Loves the Radio Star

Do you daydream about Red Panda: The Animated Series? Us too! Here's a bonus adventure that may scratch that itch for you a little.

Please join us on Decoder Ring Theatre's YouTube Channel for Mask of the Red Panda: The Full-Cast Video Comic

This video project combines the voice cast you know and love with Dean Kotz's awesome artwork from the debut storyline of Red Panda comics (available digitally from Monkeybrain Comics and coming soon in color Trade Paperback from IDW Publishing), and it's available for all to enjoy absolutely free!

So head on over to our YouTube Channel and see the Terrific Twosome of Toronto in action today - enjoy and share!

EDIT: Sorry, I should mention, I posted the 3 episodes in chronological order, so of course they display "most recent first" on YouTube... apparently people have been watching episode 3 first because it's at the top. That's my fault! Sorry.... bottom to top is the proper order. EDIT OF THE EDIT: A helpful listener suggested I make a playlist, and that would put them in the correct order, and that seems to have worked! But just in case, the first one is the one with the number "1" in the title. I'm cryptic that way.

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Dead Tree Version

Yes, folks, I'm delighted to announce that the debut story arc of Red Panda comics, which debuted digitally to great acclaim from Monkeybrain Comics, is getting a print edition from IDW Publishing! (EDIT: The release date to Comic Shops is Feb 15th, so pre-ordering through your local comic shop may get this baby in your hands even sooner!)

HOWEVER, it seems to be turning up all over the place for pre-order through "regular" bookstores, and there are some awesome pre-order deals that I thought I would pass along.

 Oh, and did I mention that Dean is working his fingers to the bone rendering this story in an awesome Golden-Age inspired Color scheme that is absolutely blowing my mind? Because he is. Sneak peeks on that as we get closer to the day!

In the meantime, here are a whole bunch of links to Pre-Order the book and lock down an awesome price:

Are you in America? History suggests most of you are... here are a pair of links for you:

Pre-Order From AMAZON


 Are you in Canada, like your ever-lovin' scribe here?


Are you in the UK, and sick of paying heavy shipping for your Red Panda swag?

Pre-Order From AMAZON-UK

Do you live in far-off Australia? Some of you do, and I love you for it.


Or (Reader Suggestion!) Pre-Order From BOOK DEPOSITORY

Or if you'd rather wait and support your local cool comic shop, I'm thrilled with that too... hopefully if they order one for you, they'll order another for the racks! I'll update you when the Feb soliciations come out from IDW and your local comics retailer is likely to know what you're talking about.

In the meantime, thank you all for your support of this project and for helping to make this beautiful book a (soon to be) reality!

Mask of the Red Panda Interview

Highest Rated

Mask of the Red Panda continues it's march to victory, or whatever one has when one is a comic book. Here is one of our favorite pictures ever from the episode #1 release.

Pipdream Comics interviewed Mask of the Red Panda writer Gregg Taylor for this article, which has lots of nice insights into the process.

Read it HERE.

Mask of the Red Panda #1 - On Sale Now!

32 pages of pure pulp perfection for just 99 cents? The heck you say!

It's all true, friends. Get yourself over to ComiXology now and pick up issue # 1 of Mask of the Red Panda from Monkeybrain Comics! Fanboy Comics rated it "Highly Recommended", Comic Book Resources called it a "Must Read" and it was a Staff Pick at Major Spoilers - don't get left behind! Get your copy of Mask of the Red Panda #1 today!

Red Panda Comics are not published or owned by Decoder Ring Theatre

Mask of the Red Panda!

We're less than a month away from the debut of Mask of the Red Panda from Monkeybrain Comics!

Mask of the Red Panda is a three-part, pulse-pounding piece of pulp perfection written by Gregg Taylor, with Art by Dean Kotz and starring the Terrific Twosome of Toronto as you've never seen them before! A must for fans of the Red Panda radio shows and pulp novels, Mask of the Red Panda is also a perfect place for new fans to get on board. With each issue at a hefty 32 pages of story, it's the best .99 cents you'll spend all month!

And where can you obtain this remarkable value, dear reader? It's a digital exclusive through the Comxiology website and goes on sale Feb 27th, 2013!

Get you knuckles all lined up for action, and spread the word Panda Patrol! Click the cover to get a better look!


Coming Soon - Mask of the Red Panda!

MOTRP teaser - Art by Dean Kotz

Well this is probably our most exciting new development in many a day. The Terrific Twosome of Toronto are about to make the leap to comic books in spectacular style, as Monkeybrain Comics prepares to unleash Mask of the Red Panda upon a largely unsuspecting world!

This all new, three-part story features story by Red Panda scribe Gregg Taylor and art by Dean Kotz that brings your favourite radio super-types to life in stunning fashion. Each issue weighs in at 32 action-packed pages and will be available as a digital-first release theough the Comixology website, starting Feb 27, 2013!

There have been a lot of folks already asking questions like "Hey! When can I get a dead tree version?", and we love ya for it! But safe to say that as much as we'd love to see a print release, it will only happen if digital sales merit it, so best advice is Don't Wait! Besides, at these prices, you'd be crazy not to pick it up!

We'll need your help promoting this one, Panda Patrol... stay tuned for more to come!