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Video Loves the Radio Star

Do you daydream about Red Panda: The Animated Series? Us too! Here's a bonus adventure that may scratch that itch for you a little.

Please join us on Decoder Ring Theatre's YouTube Channel for Mask of the Red Panda: The Full-Cast Video Comic

This video project combines the voice cast you know and love with Dean Kotz's awesome artwork from the debut storyline of Red Panda comics (available digitally from Monkeybrain Comics and coming soon in color Trade Paperback from IDW Publishing), and it's available for all to enjoy absolutely free!

So head on over to our YouTube Channel and see the Terrific Twosome of Toronto in action today - enjoy and share!

EDIT: Sorry, I should mention, I posted the 3 episodes in chronological order, so of course they display "most recent first" on YouTube... apparently people have been watching episode 3 first because it's at the top. That's my fault! Sorry.... bottom to top is the proper order. EDIT OF THE EDIT: A helpful listener suggested I make a playlist, and that would put them in the correct order, and that seems to have worked! But just in case, the first one is the one with the number "1" in the title. I'm cryptic that way.

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