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Welcome to Decoder Ring Theatre

Home of all-new audio adventures in the tradition of the classic programs of Radio's Golden Age. Here you will find full-length, full-cast tales of mystery and adventure to fire your imagination, and audioibook adventures and mysteries inspired by noir and hero pulps. We offer new releases weekly, on a project-to-project basis, and a list of back episodes twelve years long and counting.

Decoder Ring Theatre's shows are available for free download in mp3 format, either directly from our site, via the Podcast Feed or subscribe in iTunes. Or if you prefer, use the handy player beside each episode. Please explore and enjoy the pulse-pounding thrills of The Red Panda Adventures, the noir stylings of Black Jack Justice and the grab-bag of suspense, science fiction and comedy found in our Showcase. Each episode is a stand-alone story and you can begin wherever you'd like! And if you enjoy these programs, please spread the word!

Black Jack Justice - Dead Men Run - Complete Book

Black Jack Justice - Dead Men Run - Complete Book - Thumbnail

The Complete Audiobook in one file, for those who like it that way.


The writer of the mysterious letter could have been talking about any number of misdeeds, some large, some small, some frankly unsuitable for print. When it comes to deeply unqualified guardians of the moral high ground, it would be tough to find many that equaled Black Jack Justice and his erstwhile partner, Trixie Dixon, girl detective. But they will learn the hard way just how serious the sender was, and that in the end, only Dead Men Run.

Paperback Edition available at

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Black Jack Justice - Dead Men Run 30

Black Jack Justice - Dead Men Run 30 - Thumbnail

His and hers hard-boiled detectives return to Decoder Ring Theatre in this audiobook adaptation of their second book-length adventure!

This week, chapter 30, in which journeys end at lovers meeting, except not really. At all. Read by Gregg Taylor

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