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Season Twelve News

We're well into the proceedings of Season Twelve of Decoder Ring Theatre, and we still get email every day from people that aren't excatly what's going on. Not surprising, when you consider that we had become pretty predicatble over the course of eleven years of creating all-new, full-cast audio drama.

In the first half of Season Twelve, we brought you thirteen episodes of Red Panda video comics, our very first video episodes ever, starring the radio cast you know and love and featuring the killer artwork by Dean Kotz from Red Panda comics! Now we have moved on our audio book adaptation of the first Black Jack Justice novel, which will run over 30 weeks, a new chapter released each Saturday, read by the starts of the radio series, Christopher Mott and Andrea Lyons.

We greatly appreciate the passion of our long-time listeners for the work that we have done. Before you send us a message of the "please go back to doing everything the way you used to" variety, please consider giving a listen to this very special episode that ended Season Eleven, explaining why that isn't in the cards. http://decoderringtheatre.com/shows/showcase/the-season-eleven-spectacular/

What is next for Decoder Ring Theatre? We look forward to discovering new stories and new ideas together, while continuing to enjoy the characters and styles that have been so special to us since 2005! And, as always, thank you for listening.

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