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Wondering what's coming up in Spring/summer of 2018 from Decoder Ring Theatre? We're got you covered in a short episode you can find HERE

Season Twelve News

We're well into the proceedings of Season Twelve of Decoder Ring Theatre, and we still get email every day from people that aren't excatly what's going on. Not surprising, when you consider that we had become pretty predicatble over the course of eleven years of creating all-new, full-cast audio drama.

In the first half of Season Twelve, we brought you thirteen episodes of Red Panda video comics, our very first video episodes ever, starring the radio cast you know and love and featuring the killer artwork by Dean Kotz from Red Panda comics! Now we have moved on our audio book adaptation of the first Black Jack Justice novel, which will run over 30 weeks, a new chapter released each Saturday, read by the starts of the radio series, Christopher Mott and Andrea Lyons.

We greatly appreciate the passion of our long-time listeners for the work that we have done. Before you send us a message of the "please go back to doing everything the way you used to" variety, please consider giving a listen to this very special episode that ended Season Eleven, explaining why that isn't in the cards.

What is next for Decoder Ring Theatre? We look forward to discovering new stories and new ideas together, while continuing to enjoy the characters and styles that have been so special to us since 2005! And, as always, thank you for listening.

Remember When...

We don’t post a lot of news in this space, mostly because these days the news seems to happen on our Facebook Page. So if you will indulge me, I’ll use this top spot for us to remember some of our favorite moments.

Like being featured in the Toronto Star... that was fun.

Or this great CBR review for the debut of Red Panda Comics.

Or when we were on the BBC Program “Click”, remember that (tip: we’re the second segment)

Maybe this nice BuzzFeed article.

Or this feature on Space-TV’s Innerspace program.

Or this CBR interview with Gregg Taylor and Chris Schweizer about the Crogan programs.

Or this great article from Bleeding Cool.

All great memories for us, and we hope there are many more heights yet to come!

Night of the Red Panda

 March 19th, 2014 is the Night of the Red Panda! Be ready - get your subscription today

Night of the Red Panda, the next all-new story arc of Red Panda comics makes its Digital Debut from Monkeybrain Comics – and you can get every issue the Nanosecond it releases for a lousy 99 cents each!

 How? Just visit the Comixology Page for the series... then hit “Subscribe to Series” and “Checkout”. You pay nothing at all today, and you get each and every issue of all-new Red Panda comics delivered to your favorite reading device or devices.

And because you subscribed instead of ordering through the app, you don’t give a pound of flesh to Apple or Google, but send it all to your ever-lovin’ creators!

Don’t wait for a trade that may never happen, get your issues fresh as they hit the digital shelves!

Enjoy the new 2-part adventure stories featuring many of your favorite heroes and villains in their comic book debuts!

Backup features include our digital exclusive Agent Files & Villain Files featurettes, and we’ll also be serializing chapters of the soon-to-be-published novel Tales of the Red Panda: Pyramid of Peril in each issue. For less than a buck, that’s a spicy meatball! So join your fellow Red Panda fans and hit that SUBSCRIBE button today!

Red Panda Comics are not published or owned by Decoder Ring Theatre

Extr-y! Extr-y!


Check out this great article on the Mask of the Red Panda trade paperback in the Toronto Star!

"Between their mastery of hand-to-hand combat and a variety of gadgets, the duo, more commonly referred to as The Terrific Twosome of Toronto, dedicate their time towards keeping the city safe from gangsters, gunmen and, of course, crazed super villains, all of whom are hell bent on exploiting the disaster-stricken people of Canada’s largest city" 

Read more HERE

Video Loves the Radio Star

Do you daydream about Red Panda: The Animated Series? Us too! Here's a bonus adventure that may scratch that itch for you a little.

Please join us on Decoder Ring Theatre's YouTube Channel for Mask of the Red Panda: The Full-Cast Video Comic

This video project combines the voice cast you know and love with Dean Kotz's awesome artwork from the debut storyline of Red Panda comics (available digitally from Monkeybrain Comics and coming soon in color Trade Paperback from IDW Publishing), and it's available for all to enjoy absolutely free!

So head on over to our YouTube Channel and see the Terrific Twosome of Toronto in action today - enjoy and share!

EDIT: Sorry, I should mention, I posted the 3 episodes in chronological order, so of course they display "most recent first" on YouTube... apparently people have been watching episode 3 first because it's at the top. That's my fault! Sorry.... bottom to top is the proper order. EDIT OF THE EDIT: A helpful listener suggested I make a playlist, and that would put them in the correct order, and that seems to have worked! But just in case, the first one is the one with the number "1" in the title. I'm cryptic that way.