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Well, you asked for it.

Well, a lot of you did anyway. Since the Tales of the Red Panda novels started appearing, folks have been asking for e-book editions. I held off for a while, but the format doesn't seem to be going away... so here we go. I've gone with Smashwords, since they'll make the books available in many different formats and eventually ship to all of the individual e-bookstores. But frankly, I'd rather you ordered from the Smashwords site directly, as it involves rendering to fewer Caesars, if you take my meaning. So if you're one of the e-reader set, shop away! Here's the link to the first volume - available now! Tales of the Red Panda: The Crime Cabal e-book edition!

We Have A Winner!

Thanks so much to all of the listeners and fans who voted like crazed beavers and put Decoder Ring Theatre over the top in the Podcast Awards! There are millions of folks voting in these awards, and coming out on top in the Cultural / Arts category means a lot to us! Thank you all for your support... I'll add a picture of the award when it arrives, in the meantime, visit the whole slate of winners at

And the winner is...

...Us apparently! Decoder Ring Theatre was up against some very strong competetion in this year's Parsec Awards and came out on top with this shiny piece of hardware to show for it! The Parsec Awards are given annually to recognize excellence in Speculative Fiction Podcasting, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have won this year's award for Best Audio Drama (Long Form). Sadly after a crazy weekend at FanExpo the week before, we weren't up for drive to Atlanta for the festivities at DragonCon. One of these years.....


Can I just say a few words about FanExpo, Canada's premire science fiction / fantasy / gaming / horror / comics / awesomness event? *ahem* Adam West! Burt Ward! William Shatner! Stan Lee! Julie Newmar! Joan Collins! Felicia Day! Michael Dorn! Summer Glau! Son of Santo! And of course... Decoder Ring Theatre! That's right, your favorite Audio Drama company will be in the Small Press/Artists Alley area all weekend August 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We'll have "Tales of the Red Panda" books at rock-bottom prices, including (fingers crossed) the launch of the all-new Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins! Plus posters, buttons, postcards, good times, Crime Cabal Audiobooks and your some of your favorite cast members to meet and greet! So get your tickets today, and join us at FanExpo!

Radio Days

Yes, gang, we've enjoyed the radio play on CIUT so much, we're hungry for more! The Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice are now available for broadcast license through PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, and they're free as a bird for any station that wants to play 'em!

What we're hoping each and every one of you will do is email the links to the series pages to the program director or general manager of your local public radio station, campus or community station, what have you, with a quick note about why you love the shows and want to hear them over the air!

Help the DRT army grow! Email these links today!

Be a Fan!

Well, folks have been on my case to set up a Facebook Fan Page, so I've gone and done just that. And to keep the content a little different, here you'll be able to read along with scripts and this week view two fun videos made during the recording of Red Panda #55! Join up and help us spread the word here

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter!