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Night of the Red Panda

 March 19th, 2014 is the Night of the Red Panda! Be ready - get your subscription today

Night of the Red Panda, the next all-new story arc of Red Panda comics makes its Digital Debut from Monkeybrain Comics – and you can get every issue the Nanosecond it releases for a lousy 99 cents each!

 How? Just visit the Comixology Page for the series... then hit “Subscribe to Series” and “Checkout”. You pay nothing at all today, and you get each and every issue of all-new Red Panda comics delivered to your favorite reading device or devices.

And because you subscribed instead of ordering through the app, you don’t give a pound of flesh to Apple or Google, but send it all to your ever-lovin’ creators!

Don’t wait for a trade that may never happen, get your issues fresh as they hit the digital shelves!

Enjoy the new 2-part adventure stories featuring many of your favorite heroes and villains in their comic book debuts!

Backup features include our digital exclusive Agent Files & Villain Files featurettes, and we’ll also be serializing chapters of the soon-to-be-published novel Tales of the Red Panda: Pyramid of Peril in each issue. For less than a buck, that’s a spicy meatball! So join your fellow Red Panda fans and hit that SUBSCRIBE button today!

Red Panda Comics are not published or owned by Decoder Ring Theatre

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