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Mask of the Red Panda!

We're less than a month away from the debut of Mask of the Red Panda from Monkeybrain Comics!

Mask of the Red Panda is a three-part, pulse-pounding piece of pulp perfection written by Gregg Taylor, with Art by Dean Kotz and starring the Terrific Twosome of Toronto as you've never seen them before! A must for fans of the Red Panda radio shows and pulp novels, Mask of the Red Panda is also a perfect place for new fans to get on board. With each issue at a hefty 32 pages of story, it's the best .99 cents you'll spend all month!

And where can you obtain this remarkable value, dear reader? It's a digital exclusive through the Comxiology website and goes on sale Feb 27th, 2013!

Get you knuckles all lined up for action, and spread the word Panda Patrol! Click the cover to get a better look!


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