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Riddle of the Sphinx

Riddle of the Sphinx - Thumbnail

This week: A stolen sapphire, a mysterious murder and purloined plans add up to Amazing Adventure as The Red Panda and his trusty sidekick Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel race against time to decipher The Riddle Of The Sphinx!

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Night Patrol

Night Patrol - Thumbnail

What do superheroes do when they dont have a case? Why they go out looking for trouble of course! They'll find more than they bargained for when The Red Pandas new sidekick Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel joins her partner on her very first Night Patrol!

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Rabbit Season

Rabbit Season - Thumbnail

They say the hand is quicker than the eye... but when a baffling jewel robbery proves that someone's hands are quicker than a hundred eyes, the Red Panda is on the case! And when the culprit adds murder to their crimes, the hunt is on in earnest... and it's Rabbit Season!

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The Golden Claw

The Golden Claw - Thumbnail

A ruthless protection syndicate is shaking down the citizens and shopkeepers of the city. But when our heroes move to intervene, they learn there may be more to this racket than meets the eye. Can even The Red Panda escape the clutches of The Golden Claw?

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The Devil's Due

The Devil's Due - Thumbnail

Someone's been collecting old debts... and leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. But the city's most feared gang leader isn't going gentle into that good night - and he's found himself an unlikely ally. But will The Red Panda learn that not even he can stop payment of The Devil's Due?

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Death Danced at Midnight

Death Danced at Midnight - Thumbnail

Will Holland was sentenced to die for his crimes. That should have been the end of the story... but one year later the jurors that condemned him are sharing his fate one by one. With the aid of a new ally, the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel must learn how... Death Danced at Midnight!

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Red Panda: Dead Or Alive!

Red Panda: Dead Or Alive! - Thumbnail

Someone is on a spree of high-profile robberies throughout the city. Someone wearing a very familiar bright red mask! Can it be true? Has the city's champion turned traitor to the cause of law and order? Can even Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel save her friend and mentor once the call has gone out - Red Panda: Dead Or Alive!

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Curse of Beaton Hall

Curse of Beaton Hall - Thumbnail

Beaton Hall, an idyllic resort not far from the city, an oasis from the cares of the world... or a spider's web of danger and death! When the guests of Beaton Hall begin to meet with a series of unfortunate accidents, the press decides the old family manor must be cursed. The city's greatest champion suspects murder rather than misfortune. Can the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel defeat this deadly game, or will they become the final victims of the Curse of Beaton Hall?

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The Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter - Thumbnail

An ancient killer stalks the city through shadows and fog. Each night brings new terrors, new victims. With each new dawn there are more questions, more outrage... and the lingering dread of the darkness to come. Who dares to hunt the hunter? To bring the light of justice to a metropolis under siege? The city cries out for its champions; but can even the Terrific Twosome of Toronto, The Red Panda and The Flying Squirrel, withstand the fury of... The Shadow Hunter?

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The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship - Thumbnail

A cargo ship, hopelessly lost in the fog... from out of the darkness comes an eerie glow, bringing with it an impossible spectre from the past - and disaster! Again and again the terrifying scene is played out, until the city can bear the attacks no more. Our heroes take to the water to bring this menace to an end - but can even The Red Panda solve the mystery of The Ghost Ship?

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