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Payback - Thumbnail

"...But to me, it was as if the city had emptied out at the word of Jack Justice's return. As well they might. As well they might..."

Yes, Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon, Girl Detective return for all-new hardboiled adventure and mystery. But with Jack out to settle a score, and Trixie trying to close the books on a murder that's still unsolved at least partly due to the efforts of our intrepid private eyes, it's anyone's guess if they'll both wind up on a slab, if Lt. Sabien'll run them both in, or if ol' square jaw will finally get some... Payback!

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Sabien's Law

Sabien's Law - Thumbnail

"Law stands mute in the midst of arms" they say. Well, that proves one thing anyway; old man Cicero never met Police Lieutenant Victor Sabien. He'd never stood mute a day in his life. And with ol' Square Jaw and the Girl Detective working at cross purposes through his office... to say nothing of the dynamic duo of Sgt Nelson and Freddie the Finger Hawthorne underfoot... well, can you blame the poor guy?

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Trixie's Pet

Trixie's Pet - Thumbnail

It wouldn't be quite right to say that Trixie had a soft spot in her heart for old Button-Down Theo. But she had a soft spot in her head for him anyway. After all, anyone who can make private detecting seem dull as dishwater must have some hidden talents. But when Theo gets himself in hot water, will the Girl Detective be able to persuade ol' Square Jaw to intervene? And if so, just who exactly is footing the bill.

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The Reunion

The Reunion - Thumbnail

It sounded like a nice, simple job. Two sisters, estranged long ago over a man who was long gone. An apology... a reunion... the restoration of family ties in a cold and cynical world... Yes sir, it all sounded too good to be true. But Jack and Trixie know when it comes to family, nothing is ever quite that simple.

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Much Ado About Norman

Much Ado About Norman - Thumbnail

Everywhere you looked, there were goods to be gotten, and the getting often fell to Black Jack and Trixie. But there were consequences to be paid that often had nothing to do with the princely sum of thirty-five dollars a day, plus expenses. When it looks like their client may have stormed off half-cocked to do who-knows-what, it's up to our his-and-her shamuses... (shamuses?... Shami?... Whatever...) to reach deep for the ever-elusive happy ending.

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Dance, Justice, Dance

Dance, Justice, Dance - Thumbnail

They say that music hath charms to soothe the savage breast. But like just about everything "they" say, truth is in the eye of the beholder. When Jack and Trixie spend a little time in the company of musicians, the experience is neither particularly charming or remotely soothing. But at least thirty-five dollars a day hath charms to soothe the savage landlord.

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