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The Rat Trap

The Rat Trap - Thumbnail

Sometimes the problems that bring people to the grey-green doors of the mighty world headquarters of Justice and Dixon are not as big as they might imagine. Sometimes they are simple people, befuddled by a problem outside of their experience, and assuming a degree of complexity that does not otherwise exist. Those are good days. This isn't one of them.

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Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows - Thumbnail

The most powerful man in town wants Jack and Trixie off the job they're working on, and he means right now, brother. Just one problem. They're pretty unemployed, even by their standards. This is going to get socially awkward, and then possibly dead, isn't it?

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My Heart Belongs to Mummy

My Heart Belongs to Mummy - Thumbnail

There's nothing worse for a bodyguard than when the body that you're guarding suddenly goes missing. Unless the body in question is thousands of years old and disinclined to travel under its own power. Then it is a little bit worse. It really is.

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The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell - Thumbnail

People have a lot to say about good intentions. Opinions vary. Some say they are the chains that bind us, some say they are the graces that separate us from the animals. But the one thing that everyone can agree on is that when you find yourself up to your knees in them, you're probably travelling The Road to Hell.

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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away - Thumbnail

The jaunty angle at which our girl detective chooses to wear her hat does occasionally come with a price, and every once in a great while, that price encompasses something which she actually notices and just possibly cares about. It is entirely possible that this might be the story of one of those times.

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Full Fathom Five

Full Fathom Five - Thumbnail

Sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes they don't. And sorting out which is which and when and why can be a heckuva job for even the most hard-boiled of private eyes. Secrets and lies won't bring a sailor home from the sea... or will they?

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