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Aliens Are Like Mirages

Aliens Are Like Mirages - Thumbnail

This week, our final Marvellous Box opens to reveal a secret from beyond the stars. Is it a gift? A curse? Or nothing more than we make of it? Nothing can be certain when we find that Aliens Are Like Mirages.

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Remembering the Martians

Remembering the Martians - Thumbnail

Aren't unexpected visitors the worst? They show up out of nowhere and turn your whole world upside-down. Funny thing is, sometimes you miss them when they're gone. This week, Tim Prasil's Marvellous Boxes looks back at some guests that turned history on its ear. Join us and spend some time... Remembering the Martians.

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Plotting for Perfection

Plotting for Perfection - Thumbnail

This week, author Tim Prasil's "Marvellous Box" contains the ultimate gift: the do-over. Admit it, if you were allowed one, it wouldn't take you long to decide how to spend it. But what if you could have a do-over for your do-over? And if you didn't like how that played out, could you do that one over too? Would you ever get around to living your life, or would you just be... Plotting for Perfection?

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Facing Cydonia

Facing Cydonia - Thumbnail

Author Tim Prasil's "Marvellous Boxes" has taken us to new worlds of the imagination, but this week we see that we might not be as ready as we think to visit them in real life. Months into an isolation test designed to test gear for an eventual mission to Mars, a crew faces equipment failures, shortages and a mysteriously shrinking population. Would they be equal to the task if they were suddenly... Facing Cydonia?

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Frozen Words Thawed

Frozen Words Thawed - Thumbnail

The second installment of author Tim Prasil's all-new athology series continues our tour of new worlds of the imagination. This week, a reminder that history is written by the victor, and that the strangest gladitorial arenas are often the ones that appear the most civilized. What will happen when we hear... Frozen Words Thawed?

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A Demon Once Removed

A Demon Once Removed - Thumbnail

The first in a six-part series from author Tim Prasil, presenting all-new anthology tales that take us on a tour of endless worlds of the imagination. This week, a remarkable new invention gives a chance for last goodbyes... but is that a blessing, or a curse? One family finds out as they meet... A Demon Once Removed.

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