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Red Panda - Crime Cabal 06

Red Panda - Crime Cabal 06 - Thumbnail

The first Red Panda adventure novel, originally published in print in 2009, now finally available through Decoder Ring Theatre.

Even the united remnants of Toronto's defeated underworld could not resist the city's masked protectors. But when they join with the murderous might of some of the masked man's deadliest foes, can even the Red Panda match the strength of... The Crime Cabal?

Decoder Ring Theatre Season 17 is powered by Patreon. Visit www.patreon.com/GreggTaylor to show your support!

Get all the previous chapters of the audiobook at https://decoderringtheatre.com/shows/red-panda-adventures/season/17

Read the Red Panda adventures in print! Visit https://decoderringtheatre.com/books/page2

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