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Fresh Copies!

We've started in on a process that I've been toying with for quite some time, refreshing some of our older episodes from way back in the day. If fact, at time of writing, episodes 1-16 of the Red Panda Adventures have already gone through this "clean-up". There are a few reasons for this. Season One was, frankly, overcompressed. I had not yet found what I consider to be the best balance between sound quality and file size, and I didn't like having new listeners start out with those episodes. I also wanted to get the complete set consistently Tagged, and remove 5-year-old announcements and messages.

Plus, back in 2005, Libsyn recommended a rectangular "cover" embedded in the file, and today, of course, every display screen is square, so none of our artwork displays properly, and frankly it drives me a little nuts.

Some folks have expressed nostalgia for the old files, and I assume they've still got them, but with new folks finding their way here every day, it seemed silly to be filling their ears with old info. Each file will now have a standard Mid-Show message, somewhat truncated from the original. So yes, I am turning your old files into "classics" or "rarities" (if anything that's been downloaded 20,000 times and duplicated endlessly can possibly become "rare") - Sure to be collectors items!

But if you fancy a full set of the new files, there will be a few "new/old" Red Pandas a month until I'm caught up, and then I'll start in on Black Jack. Stay tuned!

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