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Canada Day Love!

In what has become my favorite Canada Day tradition, SFF Audio has reviewed the latest season of The Red Panda Adventures and awarded us another "Audio Essential" rating!

The review itself is too blush-inducing to be quoted at length here, suffice to say, you know you're doing all right when a review of your work is tagged with: "Tags: adventure, aliens, androids, astral projection, Berlin, comics, crime, dinosaurs, espionage, fantasy, forgery, France, Germany, identity, magic, mystery, Nazi, romance, superheroes, toronto, war, WWII, zombies" Honestly, add "free roast beef" to that list and you've got yourself a party!

A word of warning: some might complain of mild spoliers in the final paragraph. I don't really agree, but if you haven't heard next months episode yet, you might feel that way.... so if you haven't heard epiosde 84 yet, maybe skip that last bit, just so as to not angry up the blood .

Read the full review HERE

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