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The Mind Master

The Mind Master - Thumbnail

Hero Pulp Adventure novel. Paperback 166 pages. E-book and audiobook editions also available.

Book 2 in the Tales of the Red Panda pulp adventure series

Sinister forces are at work, striking within the very heart of the city's elite with powers that seem otherwordly. are the attacks random? Simply for profit? Or is an unknown predator hunting our masked heroes themselves? if the mysterious Ajay Shah really does have powers that rival the Red Panda, will even the Terrific Twosome of Toronto be able to resist the might of... The Mind Master?

The Tales of the Red Panda books are stand-alone adventure stories and can be read in any order. Read an excerpt and customer reviews HERE

Prefer e-books? Get your Kindle edition HERE Or other formats through Smashwords HERE

Please note: Books listed on this page feature characters enjoyed by Decoder Ring Theatre audiences, but are not published by or owned by Decoder Ring Theatre in any way. They are presented for your consideration and enjoyment.

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